Monday, May 4, 2015


The following information can also be accessed on the DC Web Page under May Newsletter
and in Wednesday's Take homes:

May 4th - BoE meeting at the High School

May 5th - Parental Advisory Council Meeting @5:30 in the DC Library

May 14th - DC Fine Arts Night and Grades 4-6 Music Concert

May 18th - BoE meeting at the High School

May 25th - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

May 28th - DC Science Night (Details to Follow)


We have completed the BADGER EXAM testing at DC less some student make ups do to absence. The kids did a great job on a tough test and the staff is very proud of them.  With only a short break, we will begin MAP testing next week.  It has been a year heavy with assessments and the kids have shown great grit and determination to always do their best.

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